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Tateau18 and Andre, do either of you have pictures of how to check that filter?

I had the same issues yesterday on our '06 X-45/L18. I was going to post a video, but it's exactly like the viedo that StrmChzr posted.

Andre, on the other thread you posted these instuctions:

Unplug battery. Easy enough
Close manual shut off valve on top of tank. Where is this?
Remove electric connector from pump. I imagine I can find this. Is it a canon-plug type connector?
Remove hoses and tubing from pump.Use rags or small container for whatever will drop. Why do this? Is the screen filter an in-line thing you can only get to with the hoses off?
Remove the brass fitting,inlet side. Any pictures of this?
Clean the screen.
Check that!
Take your filter to any car parts dealer for an instant replacement... Do you do this only if the screen filter is ruined?
2006 X-45, L18, slate gray/white
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