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Originally Posted by Miss Rita View Post
I take a small amount of offense to that. My neighbor, who leaves his boat outside, uncovered, all summer long, is a person with a boat. My two boats are always covered, always clean, and don't look anything like you would expect 20+ year-old boats to look. And, they haven't been molested by raccoons and rodents. (How does a raccoon get under an engine cover, anyway?)

Just because your boat doesn't live in a garage doesn't mean you're not a "boat person".
Did a poor job on that post. I apologize. I don't mean to imply that you have to store your boat inside to be a "boat person", or to say that if you do store inside you are. I was simply trying to say that some people (like yourself and many on teamtalk) do what they can to baby their boats. Others don't worry much about it, and fix what is required to keep them running, not so much keep them as close to new condition as possible.
As to the motor cover, once the front seats have been displaced on this boat, it is possible, to get under the floor, allowing them to roam around.
My boat was stored on a lift for most of it's life in the summer, and covered and tarped next to the house in the winter. It definitely shows on the black gel coat, but overall it looks pretty dang good.
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