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Originally Posted by LJN View Post

Why (I'm not questioning y'alls expertise, just trying to understand.) would you think it is the inner seal; is that a common problem?
Where can I find a manual or write-up on how to change the seals?
Thanks for all of the insight,
Certainly the most common reason one would find ATF in the bilge on a 14 year old salt water boat.

It's not hard to fix if you know what you're doing, but there are a lot of steps and you do have to pull the transmission, therefore the flooring too to get a V-drive out.

While the transmission is out, I would take the opportunity to replace the drive line coupler/cutlass bearing and would probably be inclined to pull the bell housing and replace the flex plate with an aftermarket upgrade. And naturally you'd want to replace both input and output shaft seals while you're there. I'd think about replacing the transmission cooler on a 14 year old salt water boat too.
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