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Originally Posted by clrussell View Post
If it was me I would sell it as is on craigslist or something along those line.. If you scrap it/ salvage it your prolly gonna get $500 maximum. Sell it to someone on cl with it known it has engine issues, but also post it's clean, if the trans is in good shape, has new tires etc. you could probably get 1000-1500 for it to someone who fixes cars and resales em.. I doubt anywhere will give decent trade in anyway.
helpful info. Wasn't sure if there are many guys out there that buy/sell fix or not, and if they tend to pay more or less than salvage places would. I think I'd feel pretty good if I got of 1K for it.

Off to go look at cars right now. Hopefully will find something, then can pick up the Civic and deal with it.

$45 for a day rental of a trailer dolly which isn't too bad. Already had to tow it off the interstate to a park and lot that was right there though. Went that route because it bought me some time to consider options.

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