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Thanks for the help guys.

At one point the AC clutch fell off, and around that time is when I thought it seemed like it had too much friction. I thought it was probably from the bad A/C clutch slowing the belt. I had that replaced and it still didn't seem right. But I had others drive it and didn't comment that it felt weird so thought I was just being picky.

I hear how great these Civics are but I had the alternator go bad at one point, the A/C, the catalytic converter came apart from the muffler. My old dodge stratus held up better. Could be the luck of the draw but more likely something I did or didn't do.

I'll look rod bearing and what that means. I'm leaning toward getting a new car, just need to decide the best way to get the value out of it from selling/trading in/salvaging. Its clean.

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