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If I were in your shoes (or boat), I would store it for the summer In your driveway or yard with a Sunbrella waterline cover. Then shoehorn it into the garage for the off season. If you could find a reasonably priced winter storage (less than $50/month) then go with that over the garage.

I have had my boat for 31 years and have stored it for the winter (7-8 months) in a garage and summer (4-5 months) outside covered. I typically stored it in the shade. I do have a small amount of fading on the sides, but not too bad. I now have a sunbrella waterline cover and wish I would have had it 30 years ago. I like how it protects the sides from the sun.

For the first 28 years I stored mine in my parents unused garage for free, the last 3 years it has been stored in a barn along with a couple of other ski boats and classic cars for $30.00 per month. Its clean, dry and rodent free.
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