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Originally Posted by wtrskr View Post
Do you think it could be timing belt related? I did change it, but went until 120k miles.

The car is in a parking lot right now about an hour a way (Madison) so I can't take a look at it. I changed the spark plugs about a year and a half ago and they looked fine, I think. I've done little things on my own here and there so it hasn't been into the shop in a while. Last time was at a technical college to get the AC fixed.

It doesn't get near as much love as my boat, but it gets the oil changed regularly and if anything pops up it gets fixed.

Something hasn't felt quite right about it but not bad enough that I thought it needed to be taken in. Just seemed like there was a little too much friction or something, that was even after an oil change.
If the timing belt is broken, it will not start. Possible that the timing gear jumped time and it will run rough (at best) but the knocking is not likely from a timing issue. Change at 120K is OK as long as it didn't break and cause a backlash. I think the timing issue is a minimal consideration (but I am not an engine expert).

I'd get someone that knows Honda engines to look into it and diagnose it and go from there. They are pretty simple engines. I am lucky to have an exclusive Honda repair service available. They know them inside out (thus my reference to a Honda repair place).

Best of luck....

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