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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Did you follow the recommended service intervals and parts replacement? One site I went to said the timing belt needs replacement at 110K miles or 7 years, whichever comes first and another added that it should be replaced at 60K miles if the car is driven in extremely hot (110°F) or cold (-20°F) climate. However, if it was ingesting oil, you should have seen evidence of this, either in smoky exhaust, fouled plugs and dark sooty deposits at the exhaust pipe ends.Look at the engine and the undercarriage- do you see oil on the engine, transmission or anything else?
Do you think it could be timing belt related? I did change it, but went until 120k miles.

The car is in a parking lot right now about an hour a way (Madison) so I can't take a look at it. I changed the spark plugs about a year and a half ago and they looked fine, I think. I've done little things on my own here and there so it hasn't been into the shop in a while. Last time was at a technical college to get the AC fixed.

It doesn't get near as much love as my boat, but it gets the oil changed regularly and if anything pops up it gets fixed.

Something hasn't felt quite right about it but not bad enough that I thought it needed to be taken in. Just seemed like there was a little too much friction or something, that was even after an oil change.
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