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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
150k miles on that engine is nothing. My 98 commuter Honda just turned 282k. I'd get a mechanic to diagnose it and fix it. Even dropping in a rebuild or a junkyard find is OK unless you're just over the 91 model. It has a certain value regardless of the condition.

Good luck.
I was thinking I had a lot more miles on her, but it must have been burning oil or something because there have been no leaks on my driveway (boat gets the garage for the summer). I pulled over thinking I had a belt issue or something rubbing on the tire. Everything look okay so I got back on the interstate, which was a bad choice.

If it is making a pretty loud knocking noise is there anything else to diagnose?

I'm planning on getting one of those tow dolly's from uhaul, just figuring out where to take it. Any idea how much an engine from a junkyard would cost?
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