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Originally Posted by wtrskr View Post
I was driving down the interstate and something didn't feel right, then the engine started knocking. I pulled over, shut it down, and I believe it ran out of oil. Added oil and eventually got it to start again but it's really knocking.

It is a clean '01 honda civic with 150k miles.

First, Is the bottom end probably junk? The temp gauge didn't go up, which surprises me.

If the engine is done for, it is in a parking lot right now and trying to figure out the best course of action.

Sell it on Craigslist for next to nothing?
Tow it to a junkyard for scrap? (new tires on it)
Bring it to a dealership for a trade in?

If it was just the head or something like that, I'd probably buy another less-used car, and maybe could do a little project with this one to get it running before selling.
150k miles on that engine is nothing. My 98 commuter Honda just turned 282k. I'd get a mechanic to diagnose it and fix it. Even dropping in a rebuild or a junkyard find is OK unless you're just over the 91 model. It has a certain value regardless of the condition.

Good luck.
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