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Storage Dilemma

Hey guys,

First off, thanks for so much great input from everyone here. This forum is super helpful while being funny, and without too many trolls

We purchased a 2000 ProStar 195 last month and we are currently storing it month-to-month in a 12x30 storage unit, which will cost me $214 a month...every month. This bothers me and I'm beginning to doubt using it.

Some points:
  • My boat is beautiful, but it's probably only a 8.5/10 so it doesn't have to remain absolutely MCOCD isn't that bad.
  • We try to go out 2x a week, 3x if we can swing it
  • I still have the factory MC cover in great shape.
  • Home garage not an option as it would have to be shoehorned like crazy every time and I have a pretty sloped driveway and don't want to kill my old Suburban trying to back and angle this thing into the garage

Will it kill me to start leaving it covered outside in the summertime and then bring it home and take up my whole garage in the winter?

If I had a 197TT or a huge wake boat that didn't fit my garage or a new ProStar 201 I would probably keep the storage unit, just to keep the resale as high as possible. But on a boat of this vintage, I won't lose $2568/yr (cost of unit) on depreciation for it being a summer outside boat if I'm religious with proper cover installation, 303 Fabric Guard application and hull/trailer maintenance.

Late night ramble here...the point is, what would you guys do? Keep paying for the unit? Add a 2nd garage to the property and roll that cost into the mortgage? Leave the boat outside?

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