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Originally Posted by JRW160 View Post
When tying up with other boats, I always use hippity hops. I keep a 12v pump on the boat and inflate them when needed. They are about 15" in diameter and keep the boats apart really well. I have some 6" taylor made fenders, but they aren't enough. Some larger fenders would work, but I just don't have the storage space for them. When tying up, I hang a hippity hop off the rear cleat and one midship off the tower or cleat. I tie a rope to the transom eye and another off the bow eye.
I've heard those work well when tying up to other boats. Your X2 has a lot higher sides than mine.

Our problem is mainly when tying up to a dock, but the problem is how short we have to have the fender line to the cleat. It's like 2" max. 3" or more and the fender hangs too low and leaves the rub rail out there to get trashed on the dock.
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