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Originally Posted by tim79mc View Post
I did run a separate ground for instrumentation, separate from the #1 AWG engine block ground. The #1 AWG pos/neg goes to the starter and engine block. Another #8AWG goes directly from the battery to the dashboard. All of the grounds are distributed from the dash fuse block. I ran a #10 to the rear to the terminal block to breakout grounds. For instrumentation on the engine, the #1AWG serves as the ground as my sensors are all single-wire. They rely on the engine block for the ground path. The alternator is grounded to the engine block as well, on the same bolt that the #1AWG ground comes in. Hope that helps!
Interested to see your wiring post, my boat is in need of some serious attention on its wiring. Hoping that your wiring post will be as detailed as your stringer post.

Thanks for the time you have taken to keep us all informed of your progress.
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