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Originally Posted by hig View Post
Aren't most DD fiber glassed in? I was very thankful mine came apart very easy. If anyone has to replace the strut or shaft log I'd recommend pulling the motor, it made it so much easier.

I was able to remove the bolts from the top with my air impact, I did not have to hold the heads from spinning with a screwdriver, next I tapped the bolts down and out.

I was also glad the strut was not stuck to firmly to the hull with silicone, I tapped it with a rubber mallet and it came right off!!

My wife had to hold 2 of the 3 screws in the shaft log, they were spinning on me - I had to use a ratchet on the inside then that came right out.

Does anyone have any easy ways to remove the leftover silicone from the hull or is the finger and finger nail the best way? I could also try a plastic scraper.

I could not believe how bad the strut was bent!!! Pictured also is the worn out shaft log.

I'm glad they came out smoothly, now I just have to wait for the new ones to come in!!

To remove the silicone, use a plastic scraper and remove the leftover using denatured alcohol.
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