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I also picked up my motor from the machine shop!!!!

Today was humid and overcast at points so it was not a very nice day to play, my boys are away at camp any ways so it was a good day to work on the boat!! I started to clean everything up and paint some things for the reassembly. I have all the bolts wire wheeled and cleaned.

I also wanted to share this tool, maybe some people do know what it's for but it's for loosening rubber hoses after removing the hose clamp. You carefully stick it between the hose and the metal part and gently work it around until it comes off. They come off so much easier with one of these.

I also decided to order a new water pump, I figure I might as well do it now, I'd hate to do it once the boat is back together especially being a V-drive and things are tight in there. I order an ACDelco one from Ebay for a 92 Corvette for around $130 shipped.

I'm making progress!!!
My progress thread: 1998 Maristar 200 VRS
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