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Originally Posted by twaibel View Post
Yes, it definitely is not a substitute for a mirror! I think it's nice since we usually have a GoPro on the tower filming anyways so why not put the display to use...
My Big does get put to use - (under way) monitoring/adjusting (wakeboarding) speed, depth, oil pressure, temperature. I've taught my 17 year old son that while driving the boat, the priority is the boat. The the safety of the rider is the responsibility of the spotter - my 12 year old daughter. This is of course when I'm in the water. Roles change but responsibilities don't when we switch.

Quite honestly when the boat in not underway, video is such a pain to search through let alone with GoPro controls (or lack of them) it would not be worth the effort. For me, it can wait until I get home, load it up on the PC and start editing. You would be better off using the LCD BackPac as at least you have some touch screen controls if you really wanted to review the video while on the boat.
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