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For some background on why...

We've had 2 problems tying up our boat at times.
One problem is the freeboard on our boat is so low, we have to have the fenders adjusted right up to the cleat or else the rub rail takes a beating. Where other boats can have the fender line out a bit to let the fender protect the side, at many docks our side is under the dock edge so we need to protect the rub rail.

With that, the fender line shares the cleat with the dock line. It gets to be a pain with both lines on the cleat. I've seen boats with fender hangers but they wont work that well with ours. With the low freeboard, the short line on the fender would pull vertically on the hangers mounting screws.

At midship, we've been tying the fender line to the tower and that works. I just need to add a clip so I can clip the fender on rather than tying each time. Also that will allow us to unclip and go. Cant have fenders deployed when underway.

The other problem is dock cleat spacing at some docks. If we had a mid-ship cleat, that would solve a lot of tie up problems.

So... I was thing of adding two pull up cleats at midship and two at the rear. The two at the rear would go just in front of the two that are there. Sure that would alter the original MC design, but I need to have more fun and less frustration.

If anyone has a solution for hanging fenders in the rear on a PS209, I'm all ears (or eyes in the case of reading a forum).


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