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Originally Posted by georgea0731 View Post
My wife uses your Probook 6460B, approx. 14 inch laptop, on the road a lot while I'm driving to and from the lake. It keeps blowing the fuse in our 07 Nissan Armada SUV. I got a Maxx 175 watt transformer thinking it was large enough to handle your laptop, but it must be so large that it blows the fuse too.
Any suggestions on what size transformer I can get/use without blowing the fuse for the passenger side 12v outlet?

She said she has been plugging it into the driver's side 12v outlet with no issues?
The only difference that I know of is driver's side always has power and her side/pax only has it when the key is on.
The transformer you picked out must a 17 amp or larger fused circuit. I am pretty sure it's a 15 amp fuse for the pass side cigar lighter, but I also think the drivers side also uses 15 amp fuse so I don't know why it doesn't also blow the fuse on the drivers side. You need at least a 20 amp circuit to safely operate your transformer. Typically with transformers it's a 100/10 ratio, so you would use a 150 watt max inverter safely on the armada's 15 amp circuit.
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