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you a lawyer?? Here is a better play by play:

No, I was driving, I hit the log, tree or what ever. We stopped, I got in the water and felt around on the prop to see if I could feel any obvious damage. Keep in mind the bump did not feel very hard.
I got back in the drivers seat, ran it for a couple of minutes and things seemed fine. Shut her down, floated a bit and just hung out ate a sandwhich. Looked and saw no water was coming in, did not feel prop damage so I made the assumption, we are good. Obviously, hind sight is a bit clearer.
That is when I jumped in and skied. When I got back in the boat, I smelled something, glanced at the temp gauge and panic set in. It wasnt until I put it on the trailer that I saw the inlet was damaged. When I was on the water, I assumed the water pump failed.

I don't have a over temp alarm on the boat or it doesn't work....will probably put one in after this.
My wife is an excellent driver but the differance between us is I always watch the gauges...I guess that is why I said she was driving when we over heated.

Soooo now you knowwww the rest of the story.

Hope that fills in your gaps, wasn't really in the mood for all the details when I wrote my post

Originally Posted by OHpage21 View Post
Im just curious after reading this thread...

Your wife was driving and hit a submerged tree and did hull and intake damage while you were skiing behind the boat. This damage clogged the intake starving the engine of water causing it to overheat.

So, she hit the tree, heard the impact... and just kept going?
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