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Originally Posted by steepndeep View Post
Im curious why would the shaft not come free from the tranny, isnt it just 4 bolts? Im guessing you mean the coupler from the shaft, if so, arent they both stainless? they should come apart with some convincing Id imagine. Again, you would know better than I but lets hope a new shaft is not on the shopping list.

So the deal will be done wed, 500 clams!!! Might be the cheapest Mastercraft ever sold... The seller finally checked out the boat and agreed that its not really worth much as it sits unless parted out, which wouldnt get much more... He said he thinks the side windows are lexan?? My understanding is that they were tempered glass but maybe that was other years. The seller is super cool and turns out he is well known in the boating community out here. His friend runs a big boat yard close to my house and it can park there on blocks for 100 a month until a trailer is found or made to fit. The boat yard has fork lifts and cranes to make the engine swap easier, paint booth should I decide to go that route, and lots of engines and misc stuff like specialty tools and welders...

The story about the boat is that it sat Kaneohe Marine base for 7 years and was just abandon there, not sure if the owner was killed in battle but for some reason just left there. Then went to this guy who used it to pay back a debt to the current seller who is selling to me on Wed. So this poor boat has been dry for way too long! Cant wait to start tearing into it!

One question, where do I look to find out if it has the standard or powerslot tranny and can anyone tell just from the pictures what kind of engine option this thing has? I believe its a for 351 but not sure what other options there were in 91. Thanks guys!
The coupler isn't stainless and with enough corrosion, it won't release the stainless shaft, mine didn't, the coupler was garbage and needed to be replaced. I had to cut it to get it out. Post a better pic of the tranny and it's easy to identify. My guess is that it's not a power slot. If you look at mine, you can compare. Mine is a power slot.

Since you'll be running in salt, it may be a good idea to run a closed cooling system, that way you won't have salt running through the motor itself.
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