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Thanks for the fast replies. I was thinking that they might prefer to have the boat to make sure everything fit right. I guess I'll talk to 02ProstarSammyD and see how his experience was...then I'll call Viper direct.
Does anyone know of a good upholstery shop in Alabama?
Hey sorry I missed this. I usually stalk upholstery. I did not send all my panels to viper. I was in a similar situation that you are. I am about 6 hours from viper and weighed my options. I decided to do the interior myself as far as the demo/reinstall went. I was quoted somewhere around 1000 bucks (dont quote me my memory sucks) to send them everything and reinstall. When I coupled that with gas money and the p.i.t.a to drive up there I bought a 29 dollar pneumatic stapler, 40 bucks in SS staples, a 30 dollar steamer and went to town.

If you are curious about the process please feel free to hit me up and I can walk you through it. It is not a hard process but is time consuming. I'm a tinkerer and a love to learn new things so it was an easy choice for me. I mean adding 1500 bucks to a 2400 dollar order made it easy too. I think viper does extremely good work but I can't tell the difference in my install vs anyone elses. In fact mine came out far superior to some local small piece work I had done.

The only things I had to send viper were my rear hatches because the skins did not match up between the 2 due to a crappy previous job being done. I boxed them up for like 40 bucks and sent them off.

Another member did send the whole deal to viper and when I talked to him he said he had around 400 bucks in shipping + a free crate.

PLUS if you do it yourself you get to gut your boat and clean EVERY cubby hole. I rented a steam cleaner and literally steam cleaned every nook and cranny.

Finished product

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