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Is this part called the shaft log? I removed the hose clamps and slid the stuffing box rubber hose forward and found this:

There is plastic missing on the bottom of the shaft log all the way back to the fiberglass, I'm assuming the shaft must have wore thru it? Am I correct? On the outside of the boat it does look oval where the shaft passes thru.

Any advice on removing the prop without a prop knocker or special C clamp tool? I've sprayed it with PB Blaster and carefully pryed on the hub while hitting the prop with a rubber mallet. My gas tank is removed so if I get the prop off I should be able to slide the shaft out, I have the 4 coupling bolts removed and had the hub separated. What's the best to lube the cutlass bearing to remove the shaft easier?

I really need some advice and if I'm using the wrong terms for the parts please correct me, I will be ordering some parts and I'd like to be able to call things by the correct name.

BTW the motor is still removed so I'm not concerned by the alignment currently.

Thanks, Steve
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