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Originally Posted by bcd View Post
If you want to wakeboard, stay away from Lake of the Ozarks. Branson isn't somewhere I'd want to go, but Table Rock Lake is. We went almost every year, and went into Branson maybe twice the whole time growing up - when it was raining. Table Rock is a big, warm, clear lake that is surrounded by rock cliffs. You can usually find calm water.

If you want epic riding conditions, go to Bull Shoals Lake. It's an hour or two farther from you, but is like Table Rock, only with a quarter of the people (not that Table Rock is that bad). With all of it's coves, you can find glass water almost any day regardless of wind. The only bad part of the lake is since it's so unpopulated, the accomodations are a little limited.

Also, if it's just you 2, factor in the spotter law on your decision. MO only requires a mirror. They do have the stupid orange flag rule whenever someone is in the water.
Thanks for the tip, As calmer water is still desired we probably won't be doing much boarding since its just the two of us. I might be able to convince her to drive while surfing but never boarding

Thats why NC at the outer Banks works because if the wind is making the sound too choppy we can always just hit the beach oceanside (which she loves as well)

With "Just Married" draped from the tower we are looking for more of a "fun" lake since we are younger.
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