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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Alright guys, So i'm getting married August 24th of this year to my girlfriend of going on 8 years now. Finally I guess but we were never in a rush. We have already booked our honeymoon to Hawaii but we are not going right after the wedding. Since its summer here anyways why waste the money and go to Hawaii during the summer. So we booked it for late January. Now we still need to go somewhere for right after the wedding so we are thinking a 5-7 day mini honeymoon.

We are located in Chicago. And I want the best chance for warm weather and warm water so we are going South only.

The 2 best options we have right now is Branson MO and Parker AZ.

As you can already tell distance is of no option here.

We are looking for a rental home to not cost more than $2500 otd. (other costs of trip not included in that budget) So that may affect how many days we stay and that is fine, But the rental home must be of current fashion (no old flower print everywhere) and have 3 important features. 1: A dock for the boat (Of Course) 2: A jacuzzi or hot jub outside 3: Wifi internet

This home is in Branson in the prestigious Tan-Tar-A estates area.

Just to give you an idea. We want beautiful scenery, warm weather and a few minor other details. So anywhere from North Carolina to Arizona is acceptable.

Please throw me idea's for everything from Destination Lakes to recommendations on vacation rentals to specific activities for those respective area's.

Thanks guys. I am really having some trouble narrowing it down.
isn't that house at tan-tar-a closer to osage beach and not branson. pretty sure branson is about 2 hours away. looks nice though and congrats with the getting married!
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