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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Tell me about it. My now-seven-year-old would stop talking about wanting to skateboard when he was 4. We got him one when he was 5 with the understanding that if he was ever seen riding without a helmet, daddy would have another skateboard. I, then, told my wife that "if he gets one, I'm getting one.

I got the first longboard and he got a street board. That Christmas, he got a mini longboard. It's amazing watching him bomb hills.
I love it! I've been asking for a longboard for a few years. Since that never happened, I converted this old ski my wife found in a dumpster. Since I upgraded and have been riding the past few weeks, all of my kids have a renewed interest in the shared skateboard for the kids. BTW, in addition to this ski, there was a Maheraja slalom ski (67", not like that barge of a ski you've got) that I sold for about $120. If it would have been wood, I'd have kept it.
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