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Originally Posted by kenps190 View Post
Hit a submerged tree today, wife was driving and didn't see the temp gauge needle reading over 220 degrees. I was skiing, By the time I got back in the boat the damage was already done.
The tree broke the water intake and clogged with debris restricting almost all of the water flow into the engine. It also did fiberglass damage on the stern. The engine got hot enough to warp the exhaust tips and lost both flappers.

Just got home with a new inlet but not sure if it is worth installing to hook up the fake lake.

My guess it's new block time.
Call your insurance agent.

There's no guarantee that it's all toast. Since it will require some exhaust parts anyway, make a list of what definitely needs replacing and start with the obvious. Test the compression but run it with a better water supply than a Fake A Lake will provide, especially if your water supply's volume isn't higher than what the raw water pump draws.
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