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couple of ballast questions, new owner

Hey all, I bought a used 2009 xstar, it had ~160hrs and was well maintained. The previous owner seemed to have partially installed the fly high system- so I have a few questions:

1. Re: the picture attached: one pump is facing down, the other two are facing up, which is the correct position? I believe the impeller should be facing down so water doesnt leak into the motor?

2. Only one of the pumps has the new green impeller, should I replace all them of at the same time?

3. I read a lot of people dont use the port/starboard stock ballast tanks (as they midship), why is this? I want extra weight regardless of the position, as long as the boat is balanced of course.

4. Based on the last question, would it be acceptable to plumb the additional front ballast bags as an overflow to the stock KGB tank (adjusting the valve to change the flow between stock/aftermarket is pretty annoying).[/list]

Thanks all.

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