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If you're worried about resale anything other than a classic color layout is going to be risky and that is not a classic graphic for the industry as a whole. I was never a fan of that scheme but have seen several that pulled the look off well. That particular one..... not so much for me however to each their own (which BTW is not good for attracting the largest potential market base).

For me if the blue above the rail is tape I'd pull it off. I believe this is going to be in the gel though. A red Bimini would have worked better for me with the interior accents in red. Based on the general theme I'm guessing that those are going to be blue which would not be my choice.

Your definitely paying for that expensive engine upgrade (which may or may not be worth the price) as well as a seasonally adjusted price factor. I wouldn't know if the upgrade is worth the price as I've had no experience with the boat or engine. If it were me I'd be looking to demo that one and one with a RTP/MCX to see if it's worth it if possible.
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