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Haven't had much time to get a lot done this week between work and rain but started on the Team platform, this was much easier than I'd anticipated after reading a bunch on it. Decided to hit it with a palm sander and some 400 grit to smooth it out first, then used Maguires teak cleaner - nasty stuff but with only a bit of brushing in it worked really well. Here's the before:

Here's the after one application of teak cleaner while wet:

I used the cleaner 2x more after the pic, looking great now. Once it stops raining here I'll test out the maguires teak oil vs the boiled linseed and start lubin' her up.

Aside from that just been collecting all the goodies that are arriving daily. Here's a couple of the ones I was excited to see:
Arco 70200 reduction gear starter

Flame thrower setup:

Won't be able to get much done until after this coming weekend now but should have almost everything ready to begin swapping the engine out.
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