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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Who told you that? They were wrong.

Ever use an eye dropper? How well does that drain itself? Both are closed on one end and open on the other.

If you have a turkey baster, that would work. A vacuum pressure pump or low pressure compressed air work, too.
Mine drain by themselves. Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact my MDC is right full of water currently, but after parking my boat at the house, while I'm milling about in the garage, hanging stuff to dry, they always dump water out of the pickups on the transom. Usually both at the same time.

Getting a new MDC has been painful. My local dealer wants $650, Medallion won't answer when I call them, and if I do find one online for a half reasonable price, they won't ship to Canada...

If the relationship between Medallion and MasterCraft soured, why does the consumer have to pay?
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