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Originally Posted by 501s View Post
It would be a much better comparison to put the X-30 against the LSV. These were the 2 boats I was considering last year and it was a tough call. I actually did a pro's and con's list and in the end there were quite a few more pro's in favor of the X-30. I liked both boats a lot but the storage of the X-30 (about double that of the LSV), the easier folding tower, the better location of tower speakers, the nicer interior, the rear facing seat, the hinged seats and storage, and the Ilmor motor are what helped me decide on the 30.
+1 on 501s post. I just went through this exact process, and eventually settled on a 2013 X-30 5.7. This will be my 3rd MC (96 PS 190, 07 X-2 previously), and we had an 88 PS 190 for a time growing up. Despite the huge MC brand loyalty, I was surprisingly conflicted. The reasons we went with the MC were the same as 501s outlined above, and were NOT really related to build quality. To his list, I'd add the board rack system (clamps instead of bungees), exterior styling (really like the "hips") and a general feel that the boat's materials just seem a bit more substantial (tower, aluminum, hinges, etc.). There's a reason the MC is only 4 inches longer than the 23 lsv but weighs hundreds of pounds more. That being said, the Maliview control system is impressive and SurfGate is a cool feature, especially since my wife and I surf goofy and all our friends are regular...
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