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I played bass in a few bands in my high school and college days. Jimmy Page was my idol back he's then but I didn't have the time or patience to learn to play 6 or 12 strings. I still have the old bass. It's a Gibson EB-3, circa 1967.

A few years ago, I started playing guitar, learning/playing mostly acoustic blues. Stuff like Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy... I'm having fun with it and own 5 guitars now. Not sure if I'll ever be good enough, or have enough nerve to play in public. Maybe I'll go play on a bench downtown and see how many quarters I can get in my hat.
I'll jam with ya. I thought there'd be more on here... I'm feelin lonely! Btw, thanks for the jp reference above! hes
One of my favorites for sure.
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