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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
I think the mini's look good.. normal towers are too tall though. As for your bimini question, I've seen people have an upholstry shop cut a slit where you need the pole and/or cables to pass through, then put in a zipper. This way you don't have holes in your top when you aren't using the pole. Just zip up the hole and it's like the slit isn't even there! You could probably even have them put fabric over the zippers so they're completely hidden from view when you have them zipped up.

Love your boat though... every time you post a picture I drool on my desk a little bit.
Originally Posted by Jason.H. View Post
I know some people get an upholstry shop to install a zipper where the pole goes through so it can be closed up if you arnt using to pole for the day. And also seems like it would be hard to get an exact spot where to cut a circle hole for the pole, so a zipper would give you a little front to back leeway
mzimme and Jason H! GREAT idea! A zipper would be perfect! I'd love to see a pic of that if anyone on here has one please pass it along. God I feel like an idiot a zipper never entered my mind! AGAIN good thing I posted this!! mzimme thanks for the props on the boat! We are very happy with it.
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