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Originally Posted by swatguy View Post
You are comparing a 23ft boat LSV to a 21ft X15. Hands down LSV all the way. The wakeboard wake is bigger and cleaner, the surf wake is humongo, and the storage is rediculous. Not to mention their software for their touch screen runs much smother than MC's nightmare of a 2012 system.

There is not a lot of love for bu's here ,but their lines and interiors flow so smoothly you can't deny it. You feel like you're inside your living room when u sit in one. Especially in a 23lsv. While the 2012 may not have surfgate, there is still no question it makes a monstrous surfwave. You just miss on the easy side to side adjustment for goofy and regular riders.

Do you get a bit better build quality in an MC.... I think so, but not by much. Is a Malibu going to fall apart????? Heck no. It's a rock solid proven ride. I think people put MC up there because of all the billet, on the edge design lines, gadgets(auto pop up drivers consoles, power tower), and components( ie JL). Do those items make it that superior? To me in build quality no, but in overall shock and awe yes. That. Billet is dam sexy. Anyone who says Malibu isn't a top 3 boat is smoking crack.
Swatguy is giving good honest feedback.
Now I haven't been behind a X15 but I've spent a lot of time in and behind a 23LSV. The boat throws a super wake for wakeboarding and surfing and Swat's comment about the interior is spot on. The boat has a small playpen in the front which means that you can seat a couple of familys together behind the windshield.

The LSV that I have expenience with is an 08. I have seen some finish issues, flaking board racks and speaker grills but I still consider it a top notch boat.
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