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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
not sure what set up you were running, but with port and kgb full, PnP 400 sac full in the locker, and a 900 on the seat the wake was washed out and soft. played with the surf tabs but it made it worse. stock ballast was un surfable. id take an lsv or vlx every day over a 15. the interior is better on the 15, but as a whole i would take the LSV.
Our X-15 only ran stock ballast a full beer cooler (early in the day) and people - no PnP or tabs. Both sides were decent surf wakes - nothing like you see on sacked out 25's and 30's but pretty decent height and pocket - not really long, but good - especially with a board like an Inland Surfer. We might be expecting completely different things on a surf wake though. It was clean and very surfable though.

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