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Originally Posted by TURSTY View Post
Thats another option I was looking at. I was actually thinking of using 3 of these inline in each of the ducts and have them sucking air through the heater core rather then blowing into the front of it. I might actually change tact and go with this option. I think it will deliver better air flow results for the same price. And might mean the heater box can be a lot smaller.

Thinking about it.....if these were in line, they could actually go anywhere in the duct which will give a bit more flexability.

The only issue is the noise....blowers are usually not the quietest things in the world!!
Yeah, I though about the noise too, but if you mount them before the core and maybe wrap them in insulation they might not be too bad. The factory heater in my boat is louder than the blowers.
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