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Originally Posted by TURSTY View Post
Started mocking up a heater box from cardboard so I can see what flow will be like with multiple pc type fans.

The heater craft units move 266 CFM on high. I have worked out I can fit in 2x120mm fans at 74 CFM each, and 5x 80mm fans at 38 CFM each, giving a total of 338 CFM. Now I'm no pro when it comes to airflow characteristics so I could be totaly wrong adding all the fans together (back flow, pressure etc could play a part??), but it sounds like its worth testing. All up the fans would be under $100 for new ones compared to $400 odd for a blower.

Here's some pics so far:
I would think computer fans might have a problem creating enough pressure. This is another option for less $$:

Originally Posted by wheelerd View Post
If it's an OEM heater there is no pump in it. Water circulates via the engine water pump, just like water through the rad in a car. Do you have no heat, period? Or just no heat at idle? Y-ing the return into the raw inlet hose like the diagram in post #4 is the answer to the latter issue because creates more negative pressure to help draw the from the heater. You should be able to determine where your return hose enters the engine if you just look for a hose like the supply hose.
How is the return line run from the factory? I haven't been able to figure out where mine returns to the engine, there is definitely not a y return line in the raw water inlet. I haven't invested much time into the source of no heat, I never need the heater, but it blows cool air at every speed.
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