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Thanks guys for all of the input! I grew up in Minnesota behind a malibu(Im sure this is a forbidden word on this site, she is still an awesome boat though, my Dads baby) Echelon, so yes, these inboards hold some sentimental value to me and this would be a labor of love.

MrMastercraft you are correct that the boat values are considerably higher out here, it costs a small fortune to ship something like this here, which is why its hard to believe how anyone could let this boat get so bad, with proper care these boats can run in salt water just fine, outboards are raw water cooled as well, they also need to be thoroughly flushed after every use.

So , I talked to the seller (who of course has 30 other people that want to look at the boat) today on the phone and let him know that I had seen and dug into it a little bit. From what we gathered, the boat has changed for the worse since he last saw it (i think the last time he saw it was when it was put where it sits now 2 years ago. So he said think about it and shoot him an offer. I told him I dont want to insult him by lowballing but I went through a quick list of the big stuff right away, engine $2000, who knows if the tranny is any good still (the prop spins with two hands) and what do those go for and can you even find them? trailer-i could get my friend to fab/weld a trailer to fit that I found for 1300, both side windshields are shot, they could stay in but they are cracked and look like crap, those are spendy even if you can find one, interior-even if I do as much as i can myself ill still probably be looking at 500 min. So well see what he says after he gets a chance to look at it. I think you guys make a good point though, offer him 500 while hes sitting there looking at this sad sight. The funny thing about Hawaii is, Boats are so expensive out here, you can hardly get a 8ft dingy for 500 clams, its nuts! If this boat was fixed up, running solid and looked presentable, original or not it could easily sell for 10k all day every day. So I still think it could be a fun project. I dont have a ton of money so it would be slower progress than some resto's ive seen here that seem to happen in a week... So the main thing is I guess it would be hard to lose money on it, especially if I do most of the work myself.
We will see what Mr. Seller has to say, hopefully in the next couple of days, Ill keep you guys posted.

Cloaked, no we do not have any freshwater lakes on oahu. We have massive waves though, fun double ups

Coz, lol sweet prop paint ya!! The barnicals come with it too! All that stuff is just cosmetic and should clean up nice with some patience and elbow grease!

Again, thanks so much guys for your thoughts, inspiration and knowledge! Hopefully we can bring this old salt back to life!
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