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Parts will start arriving tomorrow from skidim and begin trickling in now. The short block is due to arrive the middle of next week. I'd been planning on paying a local boat shop $500 to do the swap but my father thinks we could easily do it ourselves so wants to come up and take a stab at it with me weekend after next.
I've pretty much stripped the current block down to almost nothing but the short block. Only things left to remove are the harmonic balancer and timing cover but I'm having a hard time getting the bolt out of the crackshaft. (Debating whether or not I should just replace both and not deal with the headache.) Also need to pull the oil pump and pan once it's out.

I couldn't find a lot of threads on engine removal but I was hoping to be able to remove the block without the tranny. (rather not mess with alignment or shaft for now) It looks like I could remove the front bolts that go into the block from the mounts and unbolt from the bellhousing - should it just lift out at that point?
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