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Originally Posted by swatguy View Post
Yea, but that little agitator has some skill. I like guys that play all around. You also don't see Marchand crying to the refs all game when he gets worked over a bit. Again like that.

Now Crosby....... I can't stand him. He is my #1 hated player. That guy cross checks, slashes, and cries like a baby every game. He clips guys with high sticks, hacks , and cheats on draws like crazy, yet somehow never gets called. The minute someone touches him tho they are gone or a bully. That punch to the face from Chara to his broken jaw was priceless. Hey grab the big guy's jersey and scrum w him, you best be ready. He has crazy skill with the puck no doubt, but man alive he is the biggest hack and cry baby on the ice. Crosby and the Sedin Twins make me angry.
Omg I forgot about the Sedin Twins for a moment. You are right. It's Marshands moves that drive me nuts.

All around in this series I felt the Bruins were playing dirty hockey. And in this last game I for sure was starting to thing it was rigged with all the cheap shots from Boston and bs calls on the Hawks. Then the shorthanded goal by Toews was amazing.

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