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Originally Posted by Huskie05 View Post
Kind of a weird one for you experts. 2011 X55, after listening to the ipod for a while, all three starboard speakers go out, the 3 port and 4 tower all continue to work. Thought it was the cord from the idpod, nope, does it with other brand new cords. When the 3 speakers on the SB side go out, I can turn off the system, then back on, then everything works for a while longer. Any thoughts? Checked for wires, amp seemed a little warm but not hot. No clue how to fix this.
Thoughts? Thank you in advance.
Reverse the right and left channel input connections. If it switches channels, it could be the cables or the head unit. If it remains, it's probably a shorted speaker wire or bad speaker causing the amp to shut down.

If you have a multi-meter, remove the speaker wires from the amp on the channel(s) that are cutting out, so you can measure the resistance. If you see one that's lower than the others, leave that one off and try it again- it may be due to a wire for one of the tower speakers being cut or pinched.
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