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Originally Posted by strad View Post
Well yesterday attempted to take my mother and stepfather out. Thought before I left, "the boat always has run great -- no need to run it in the driveway before leaving." Big mistake. Got there 7 am, boat wouldn't start. Got it started finally, and then it wouldn't idle. Put it back on the trailer and took it home. Left the key in the run position by mistake. Melted some epoxy resin out of the coil and onto the manifold. Sooo need a new coil, and probably need to clean the carb and throw a rebuild kit at it. Also need a new ballast resistor, since the previous owner bypassed it and one post is loose. That is probably how the coil got fried. Aargh. Oh well. Even though I was "that guy" at the ramp, at least it was 7 am and the ramp was quiet!

Been having some problems with my "new" boat also, so I know how you feel. First trip out would not crank at landing, second trip overheating issue and towed back in, third trip was a smoking hazard from all the leaking/burning oil, fourth trip out narrowed leak to crankcase pressure, but stuck at what to do about that. My wife and girls will not go with me anymore until I can make a round trip and come back with no issues. I tell them that I stay out a little longer each time though. Got to count for something.

I never want to be "that guy" and show up on YouTube or a similar thread on here...Has me paranoid...wait maybe I am that guy....
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