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Originally Posted by catamount View Post
Antifreeze in the base? I'm not sure what your instructions involve, but I know that with the humminbird you can't really get good "dry" results because even the slightest bit of air between the face of the transducer and the hull will throw it off.
Thanks for the info!
The Airmar Transducer installation instructions tell you to fill the transducer base with 2.4 oz of Propylene Glycol which, from what I've read is RV Antifreeze.
I've read on other websites of people using mineral oil, baby oil, water, etc.
Water freezes and can crack the base or evaporate, and apparently mineral oil can eat away the bonding agent over time, is why they recommend antifreeze.
I was just curious why you needed a fluid medium under the transducer and you've answered my question.
Thanks again!
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