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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
$500 and you get a free meal with the purchase.... $2200 is in his dreams....

Personally, I'd ask him to pay me $1000 to take it off his hands. I like to see restorations as well as the next guy but that is a money pit of a rebuild. You'll come out better buying a decent used boat for $8K or less, have it shipped to you, and still come out ahead, unless you like the work for pleasure. Lots of costly work there.

Any fresh water lakes over there?

Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
Honestly... look for a $8-9k skiboat in California and have Matson ship it over. You will be money ahead.

$1000 buy-in
$2500 motor (depending on current condition)
$1500 transmission (depending on current condition)
$2000 interior (depending on complexity of replacement)
$3000 trailer (probably need to be shipped over or you could find something over there and retrofit)
$1000 misc.

These are all mainland prices. I don't even know what the price or quality of these services would be over there, but the quality at those prices over on the mainland would be marginal at best.
Sodar and Cloaked are on the money here. I'd move on.

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