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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
My Maristar 200VRS is a 95 and it uses a 142 degree tstat. When I installed a 160 tstat I started having a problem when I cut the boat off to change skiers. When the boat sat for a few minutes (engine not running) the engine would go into the normal heat soak and the engine temp would reach close to 180 degrees. When this happened the engine would not restart until the temperature came back down to under 160 degrees. Just some thing to think about if you every have the same issue.
I you had problems starting when the gauge showed 180, check your ECT- if its resistance is higher than what should correspond to any temperature, the engine will run rich. If this happens again, open the throttle a bit and see if it starts- if it does, a bad ECT is almost a certainty.
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