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Originally Posted by Razzys Wagon View Post
tundra hands down, what year are you looking at? hit me up when you get it I can give you some gas mileage helping info........ I use to be with and I was the tundra go to guy there.......
I haven't decided what year yet. If I go Tundra, I was leaning to new because the price gap between a 2013 and 2010 used isn't all that high (I think the 2013 quote I got was pretty good). If went Sequoia I'd look at a 2010 +/- a year as the dealers are gouging deep on Sequoias. They are nowhere near as high volume a truck for Toyota as they used to be so they appear to be price skimming where the Tundra has high volume and good competition.

What kind of tricks do you know for gas mileage?
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