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I'm Loving it for sure, still amazed at how smooth it is running and driving.

The only thing I'm not loving is this.

This weeks progress was minimal, I've been scrubbing interior pieces and piecing it back together. I tried to pressure wash the carpet with a mix of peroxide and dawn dish soap and didn't really get it to come much cleaner. Still trying to figure out the magic solution for rust stain removal. Next try will be lemon juice based. Totally Awesome, Mold Armor and Barkeepers friend didn't even phase the pesky rust stains. Barkeepers was the magic formula for rust stains on vinyl though.

I still have a ton of work to do on her, my short list includes:

Scrub and install bow interior and rear ski locker carpeted panels.

Fix the speedo, so I can see if my Perfect Pass is working.

Install the ballast system. Both my pumps were inop and I have been cheap and trying to repair instead of replace. I ended up buying a Johnson from wakemakers and then found one here for 30 bucks cheaper.

Sand, buff, wax repeat. I bought a buffer but am going to wait awhile to use it, I put all this work into it because I want to ski and board, not worry about oxidized and scratched gel. I'll probably give it an initial buff job in a week or two just to see where I stand with the condition of the gel.

Still plenty of cleaning to do, including another date with a more aggressive pressure washer for the carpet.

We bought a new Accurate A-line wakeboard rope from overpricedtons.

I'm disappointed it only shortens to 70ft. I think my sweet spot for this boat at 21mph is 65 feet so I'm a bit frustrated. I have to hang it all out to get across both wakes in the air. I'm hoping with 800-1000lbs of ballast it will work itself out. I still need to shorten it more for the slower speeds my wife and less advanced riders will be riding. The A-line is a coated line so I can't even tie a knot in it. The Accurate chamois handle is pretty darn comfy though.

We've been breaking it up into morning and evening sessions, since we are a 20min drive to the dock, we'll go out and get a couple rides before the horde hits the lake, then go out just before dark when their numbers are fewer and there's a better chance of flat water.

Last night was beutiful, high 80's air and 70 in the water, with the Super Moon coming out. We chilled out and fiddled with a few things (I fixed the tower light.) while we lost daylight and waited to see how bright the full moon would be on the water.

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