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HA! Good points all around. I was glad to be able to pick up the tires today.... my trailer never looked so good.

We hit the water at 1:00 and stayed out until 8:30pm. Great day on the water celebrating my 8 yr olds birthday... and the boats first day of the season on the water. She ran FLAWLESSLY! I could not be happier about the boat....and the happiness the day brought to my daughter.

That said, they say things happen in threes and today the third "thing" hit us........while we were on the lake some argh hole with either a red car/truck or a red trailer caught the tail end of my now perfect trailer and tore off the reflector, bent the tie down tab, and left a nice 8in half moon scrape in the back. No note on my truck nothing... just the damage. Asked around if any one saw or heard the accident and spoke with the ranger who took my name and number and let me know they would review the video as they may be able to figure out who did it!!!

All in all a great day.


Trailer.... seriously didn't have a great weekend.

Time for a beer.....or three.

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