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So, got some GT40 heads and started ordering a slew of parts in prep for an engine swap. Spent the day today removing all externals off the old engine, checking them out and cleaning/refinishing if appear to be good (long day off grinding, sanding, painting, etc).
I've removed everything from the old engine except the inner half of the circ pump and balancer (need a puller) and so far everything looks to be in pretty good shape except the starter. Everything seemed fine until at the end of the day I started to tackle the exhaust manifolds and noticed that BOTH had long cracks on the outside. I managed to successfully repair a cracked block a couple months ago in another boat so I'll take a crack at it, I can't imagine there's moch pressure in those jackets and if it doesn't pan out it'll be easy to deal with later, right now I'd like to save wherever I can and get it in the water asap - over the winter I'll be working up fulll restore.
I've got a ton of odds and ends on the way from skdim and ebay - it'll be about 2 weeks before the shortblock arrives.
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