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Made alot of progress today....

Changed the oil and filter (not two seals as I had hoped), took off the oil pressure sender piping as well as dipstick tube, cleaned them and applied tape to the threads and tightened everything back up. Put a little kitty litter in the bilge to help soak up the oil and sprayed everything down with brake cleaner. I then ran the engine on the hose in the yard, for about 20 minutes. Varied the rpms (1000-2500) and did not see any oil leaking. We'll see when the motor is running on the water and under a load. Hopefully the oil leak is repaired.

Now have some issues with my carb (see other thread) not wanting to idle. Secondaries are dripping gas at idle. Hope to make a quick run tomorrow afternoon if I can get the carb issues worked out.
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